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Tears (Montana Music #5)-BSN/VLA/CEL/PN

Composer: Maslanka, David

Publisher: David Maslanka

Edition: DM05


Montana Music #5
for bassoon, viola, cello, and piano
by David Maslanka (b. 1943)- American composer
Tears was written at the request of my bassoonist friend, John Steinmetz. It is in a single movement, running about 14 minutes. The viola-cello-bassoon-piano ensemble is unusual, with concentrated emphasis on low and dark tones. Tears is about inner transformation, about groping through darkness to the voice of praise and the heart of love. The groping is expressed by a kind of unrelenting and rising musical pressure which finally bursts at an extended high point, subsiding to a whisper at the close.
--David Maslanka
"Our tears will not be abundant enough to make a river,
nor our cries of pain sharp enough to extinguish fires."
from Monnew, a novel by Ahmadou Kourouma

Duration: 12:00