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Motherwell Lorca's Bagpipe Lament (Score & Parts)-4BSN

Composer: Denisch, Beth

Publisher: Juxtab Music

Edition: 2009


"Motherwell Lorca's Bagpipe Lament" was originally a solo piano piece written in memory of composer Leroy Southers. It was inspired by Robert Motherwell's Lament for Lorca" and the many laments found in bagpipe music. Arranging this piece for bassoon quartet inspired new sonic images of bagpipes and bassoons and the sound of the piano solo piece receded as the new arrangement emerged. "Motherwell Lorca's Bagpipe Lament" for bassoon quartet employs the bagpipe drone and a simple melody. Ornamentation increases with each repetition of the melody as in the improvisations of the piobaireachd style of traditional piping. 

Duration: 6 minutes