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Harmonika Fagotti (Score & Parts)-5BSN/CBSN

Composer: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Publisher: Daniel Davis (composer)

Edition: DPD001


Harmonika Fagotti
for five bassoons and contrabassoon
Arranged by Daniel Paul Davis- American composer

Based on the Adagio for Glass Harmonica K617a by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)

Mozart, Beethoven, and others composed music for an instrument known as the glass harmonica. Made of lead crystal glass, the instrument had nested cupped bowls attached to a rotating spindle. The bowls rested in a water basin. As the instrument rotated, fingers rubbing on the wet bowls produced the sound. 

Mozart's Adagio for Glass Harmonica is a lovely melody of six phrases, in this arrangement, lowered two octaves. Mozart's music comes through in an equally pleasing manner as it does two octaves higher- perhaps even more so because it is not so shrill. 

Arranged for the Bosque Bassoon Band of Albuquerque, New Mexico.