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Trio Gran Quivira (score & parts) - EH/BSN/PN

Composer: Davis, Daniel

Publisher: Daniel Davis (composer)

Edition: 59773


Trio Gran Quivira (2008)
for English horn, bassoon, and piano
by Daniel Paul Davis - American composer

  1. Long ago...(Andante-Vivo)
  2. Chacona Romance (Andante)
  3. Dreams: Burlesque - Air of Paradise - Gigue fugato

Trio Gran Quivira was composed in 2008 during the tumultuos simmer months of moving out of a house that I had occupied for over 20 years. The first movement is a farewell and goodbye to the life I had lived there and the many memories that haunted those walls. The second movement is a romance full of passion and pathos, rich in harmonies and layer upon layer of melodic lines all expressed in a 7-beat meter Cahcona. The third movement, Dreams, draws upon hopeful visions and the future journey of this life expressed in three sections: Burlesque- Air of Paradise- and a Gigue in the form of a frolicking fugue in the Phrygian mode. While composing the piece I recall having many reflective memories of the abandoned ruins at Gran Quivira monument that have maintained a particularly spiritual presence in my mind. Gran Quivira is nestled on small hills surrounded by by rolling hills to the North and South, vast plains to the East, and mountains to the West. Gran Quivira features spectacular ruins of two large churches and many great Kivas, small residential rooms, and a large central community plaza. Composed for Stephanie Przybylska and Kurt Civilette. 

Originally written for bassoon, French horn, and piano. The original version may be found here

Duration: 14:00