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Duo Animato-BSN/PN

Composer: Davis, Daniel

Publisher: Daniel Davis (composer)

Edition: 59774


Duo Animato (2012)
Four Musical Gifts for Stephanie Przybylska
for bassoon and piano
by Daniel Paul Davis- American composer

  • Animato (breezes)
  • Sueno animato (dream)
  • Lento-Maestoso-Largo (passion-quasi passacaglia)
  • Animato scherzando (games)

There is a sense of adventure in Duo Animato- even the slower movements have animated sections. The first movement features a fast-moving theme in octaves that allows the bassoon to join in or to divert away from the 6/8 groove, juxtaposed with contrasting sections in cut time. Inspired by walks with canine companions during the fall season, when the winds blow gently (or not!) and are at times either cool or warm, the music is suggestive of autumnal leaves dancing and swirling in the wind. The second movement opens and closes with an array of dreamy phrases with wide expansive chords, wailing please and rhythmic creaks exchanged between the bassoon and piano that descend into rumbling tone clusters. Out of this emerges Animas- echoes of departed souls- reminiscent of a Native American chant that begins quietly, later becoming heavily accentuated. The third movement is an air with passionate expressions featuring the bassoon in the high range, which transforms into a sweeping passacaglia. Animato scherzando is simply that; the duo team up, closely overlapping each other, passing ideas back and forth quickly between parts, sometimes falling out of place and jabbing each other in a jest with a poke here and a poke there. The striking contrast in the middle section recalls the earlier dreams movement, and then returns to the sporting games and a sudden conclusion. 

Duration: 20:00