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Drills - BSN

Composer: Dahl/Cameron

Publisher: Dahl/Cameron (Germany)

Edition: 51104


for bassoon
by Ole Kristian Dahl

Drills is a collaborative publication based on the teaching of Ole Kristian Dahl (professor of bassoon at the Mannheim Conservatory in Germany), compiled, arranged, and edited by Kaitlyn G. Cameron. 
From the authors:
This book is a comprehensive practicing system that provides the basic fundamentals that I have found to be essential in my success as a musician and teacher of bassoon. "Drills" was created out of my own necessity for stability in the orchestra, and as a result it has become my daily practicing system for sharpening my tools of basic fundamentals. 
Chapters include sections on:
1. Posture
2. Breathing
3. Embouchure
4. Pressure
5. Digging out
6. Tonguing
7. Double Tongue
8. Vibrato
9. Preparation
10. Warming up the Reed
11. Various Drills
12. Flex exercise
13. Practicing Log

1/18/2023 - This version of Drills is being rewritten and is currently unavailable.  Once the new edition is available, we will update our website.