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Drills 2.0-BSN

Composer: Dahl

Publisher: Dahl (Germany)

Edition: 404


Drills 2.0
for bassoon
by Ole Kristian Dahl

From the author:

Drills 2.0 is the natural continuation of the original Drills and works both as an add-on to the existing system and as a stand alone resource. This work is greatly influenced and inspired by the terrific MuHo Mannheim bassoon class, where the interest and level of both artistry and craftsmanship motivate one to move forward as a teacher. After many years of playing in orchestras I also make an attempt for some general guidelines of orchestra behavior that hopefully will fall in fruitful soil. The fingering section is my humble attempt to standardize fingerings in different categories so one may implement them for the use of one's choice. I personally recommend training the different fingerings for each specific use as marked. In the back of the book is a short section for further exercises to increase our fluency on the instrument. A special thank you to Louisa Slosar (MuHo Mannheim 2018/Karajan academist 2019) for contributing to and editing Drills 2.0!

Half hole technique
Behavior in orchestra