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Super Groove-OB/PN

Composer: D'Ambrosio, Mike

Publisher: Potenza Music

Edition: 20008


Super Groove for oboe and piano

by Mike D'Ambrosio

Super Groove was commissioned by oboist Celeste Johnson Frehner (Oklahoma State University) and was premiered in April 2012. After I sent Celeste an early draft of the piece (about half done at that time) her first response was "This is super groovy!"and thus the title was born. For my part, I was trying to bring together my worlds as composer and music theory professor by taking some of the fun theory topics I get to teach (sonata form, chromatic mediants, ostinato, polyrhythms, and set theory) and squeezing them into a driving, energetic, and highly rhythmic texture. The piece is extremely fun to play and has been well-received by audiences. 

-Mike D'Ambrosio