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Composer: Eastwood, Tom

Publisher: CVH

Edition: 508


Uriapuru for oboe (or flute) and guitar

by Tom Eastwood (1922-1999)

The "Uirapuru" is a very small bird hidden away in the giant trees of the Amazonian jungle. When it sings, there is joy all round- birds, animals and people stop to listen. Whoever possesses an embalmed Uirapuru is given extraordinary powers, especially in love. As a result the bird is mercilessly hunted.

After a few preliminary chirrups, the piece starts with the call of the Uirapuru, as written down by a Brazilian friend. Luckily, it affords the possibilities of variation and contrast, which can embrace the bird, the hunt, and the Brazilian ambience- and perhaps something also of the hunters, with their national trait of ebullience alternating with yearning (Saudades).

The composer thanks the original performers for many things, including the embellishments by Mr Anderson to the bird in flight which are gratefully retained, and for the splendid shot by Mr Wynberg (bow and arrow or rifle?) which brings the bird down in the end. 

-Tom Eastwood