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Make It Snappy-OB/PN

Composer: Custer, Seth

Publisher: Jeanne Inc.

Edition: JP1079


Make It Snappy
for oboe and piano
by Seth Custer (b. 1980)- American composer and saxophonist

Commissioned by and written especially for oboist Chelsea Cox, this piece is intended to portray an attitude that is, by nature, light-hearted and jaunty. The primary compositional material of this piece is a single musical gesture that climbs from the low register of the piano up to a descending minor third in the oboe. This motive, heard almost immediately at the beginning of the piece, provides the impetus for all of the rhythmic and melodic ideas heard thereafter. Furthermore, the minor third interval serves as the harmonic foundation of this piece.

Rather than literally referring to a fast tempo, “snappy” is intended to depict the attitude of this piece. The mood of the performance should feel confident and optimistic, rather than frantic or frazzled. There are some timbre trills and one multiphonic, with a fingering provided. The music is "upbeat" and will be appealing to the audience. 
Duration: 6:30