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Composer: Corlay, Dylan

Publisher: International Music Diffusion (France)

Edition: 61733


Le Chant De L'Ours
The Song of the Bear
for bassoon (contrabassoon), percussion, and lights
by Dylan Corlay- French bassoonist and composer
I. Flame
II. Melismes
III Lucyem
IV. Saman
V. Chant de l'Ours
This work is for "a bassoonist who can play contrabassoon, percussion, and lights". One of the movements, Chant de l'Ours is for contra, and not bassoon. There is some use of extended technique, such as glissando, singing, multiphonics, and aleatoric sections. A key is provided. Percussion set includes: bass drum, charleston, temple block, bells, chimes, tam-tam, and gong. This piece comes as one performance score, and it is unclear whether or not the bassoonist is expected to perform the percussion parts as well. 
From the composer:
Composed, premiered, and performed Dylan Corlay, this piece for a bassoonist playing contrabassoon, percussion and lights is a real tour-de-force. Its five movements take us on a journey through different musical worlds, making very inventive use of the various ways of playing bassoon. The independence between percussion, lights, and bassoon requires a rare depth of effort. It is an original composition for an often overlooked instrument which is here fully revealed by its colors of sound, combined with the various percussion. This work could have been called "inhabiting the boundaries".