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Blue Bassoon (score & set) - BSN/ORCH

Composer: Weait, Christopher

Publisher: Chris Weait

Edition: 70293


Blue Bassoon
for bassoon and orchestra
by Christopher Weait (b. 1939) - American composer, bassoonist, and pedagogue
To the memory of Professor Hank Marr. Written for the Ohio State University Wind Symphony, Dr. Russel Mikkelson, conductor. 
This title comes with:
    • One Full Score
    • One Solo Bassoon Part
    • One of Each Part

This work is also available for bassoon and piano (CW0512C).
Duration: 5:00
This is similar to the version for bassoon and band (CW0512A)

The full instrumentation includes:

  • piccolo
  • flute
  • oboe
  • percussion 1: castanets, tambourine, triangle, wood block
  • percussion 2: temple blocks (dragon-mouth preferred), vibraphone
  • strings

from the composer:

This orchestral version was completed in 2020 while waiting out the Covid-19 pandemic. 

I used a traditional blues progression in 12-measure units.  The outer sections are in the major mode, the middle in the  minor.  The bassoon is usually not associated with the blues.  The instrument explores an easygoing blues as if testing the waters - dipping in a reedy toe to see if it can venture further.