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Parkour! - BSN

Composer: Klompenberg, Martin Van

Publisher: Klompenberg, Martin Van

Edition: 71972


for solo bassoon
by Martin J. Van Klompenberg - American bassoonist and composer


“Parkour is when you do something epic but fail.”
-Christopher Bedont (age 9)

When my friend, Robert Bedont, asked me to write this piece, this quote from more than a decade earlier immediately came to mind. Nothing says bassoon like parkour. (Obviously, this is not true in any sense.) The sport of Parkour, or free running, gained popularity in the first decade of the 21st Century. The basic concept is move from Point A to Point B in the flashiest fashion as possible. Large leaps, flips, kicks in every step. The goal of this short exciting work is to show the climbing and leaping and energy of the physical art form.