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The Bassoons are On the Loose! (score & parts) - 5-6BSN

Composer: Collection

Publisher: Accolade (Germany)

Edition: 71250


The Bassoons are On the Loose!
for five to six bassoons

Bassoons can be heard from all rooms. Happy faces everywhere. A tango sounds here, Beethoven's "Joy of the Beautiful Sparks of the Gods" blares. There is a brief laugh and then the game continues. What's going on here? "The bassoons are loose!"

Once a year, amateur bassoonists of all ages from all over Germany meet for this workshop. The focus is on having fun making music together, which is why every workshop includes works that all bassoon players play together.

The particular challenge of the tutti pieces is to reconcile the required knowledge with the individual skills of the large number of players. Up to 250 bassoonists meet in the bassoon orchestra. Bassoon parts in F or G are required, as well as sheet music for the children's bassoon, contrabassoon and the normal bassoon. Very easy parts for beginners and more demanding notes for advanced students should be provided for each work in order to enable everyone to participate.

With this collection of notes we document the results of constant considerations and improvements and their practical implementation, which have proven themselves over the last 20 years since the workshop began.

Our most important concern: All bassoonists should have the opportunity to experience music together with others and to actively create it in order to be a musical member of the large bassoon family.

1. On the Swabian railway (Trad.)
2. Mozart: Turkish March from the Piano Sonata KV 331
3. Grieg: Anitra's dance from "Peer Gynt"
4. Grieg: In the Hall of the Mountain King from "Peer Gynt"
5. Strauss: Egyptian March Opus 335
6. Strauss: Pizzicato-Polka Opus 449
7. Strauss: Radetzky March Opus 228
8. Real Friends (Trad. / Arr. Kiefer)

Difficulty levels:
1st bassoon: upper level
2nd Bassoon: Intermediate
3rd bassoon: easy - lower intermediate level
4. Bassoon / Contrabassoon: easy
5th bassoon / contrabassoon: very easy
1. Bassoon: very easy
2. Bassoon: very easy

For No. 6 and No. 8 there are bassoon parts in F and G, for No. 8 there is also a part for Fagottino 2