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Composer: Joyce, Brian

Publisher: Cimarron Music Press

Edition: 1853


for oboe and piano
by Brian Joyce-American composer
I. Prelude
II. Rondo
III. Fantasia

"My intention in this sonata was to write a...tightly and economically constructed work...while trying out some new ideas I had been considering. The oboe sonata breaks the traditional mold immediately by putting its slow movement first, following it with a galloping rondo, and saving its longest, most complex movement for last. The third movement has a symmetrical arch-like form in which the key centers of each successive principal section rise by minor thirds. This puts the central slow section (equidistant from both ends of the movement) at a tritone away from the movement's ostensible key. There is also quite a bit of dabbling with metric modulation and non-tertian harmony." --Brian Joyce