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Oboe Duets V1-2OB

Composer: Brown

Publisher: Chester

Edition: 55135


Edited by James Brown, this collection comes as one performance score. There are no individual parts. 

1. Haydn-Dietter- Allegretto Scherzoso
2. Telemann-Gigue in G Major
3. Pleyel- Rondo
4. De Fesch- Andante
5. Vanderhagen- Andante
6. Vanderhagen- Tempo di Minuetto
7. Vanderhagen- Allegretto
8. Vanderhagen- Rondeau in C
9. Garnier- Rondo
10. Brod, Henri- Grazioso e Sostenuto
11. Brod, Henri- Andantino
12. Brod, Henri- Allegretto
13. Telemann-Canon in G
14. Haydn-Dietter- Menuet
15. Haydn-Dietter- Moderato Cantabile
16. Laubach-Brown- Polka- The Little Gem