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Sonata in g minor BWV1030b-OB/PN w/VCL ad lib

Composer: Bach, JS

Publisher: C F Peters

Edition: 8118


Sonata in g minor BWV 1030b
for oboe and piano
by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)- German Baroque composer

This famous sonata by J.S. Bach was written in g minor for oboe (BWV 1030b), and b minor for flute (BWV 1030). This edition by Raymond Meylan is in g minor. Oboists often refer to this as the "Bach Big g minor", in contrast to BWV 1020 (the "Little g minor"), which is often attributed to C.P.E. Bach as H. 542.5.

Frequently asked on major competitions, this work is typically performed today by oboe soloist with basso continuo (cello and harpsichord) or piano. The full printed title is "Sonate in g minor for Oboe(Flute), Cembalo/Oboe (Flute), Harpsichord, Viola da gamba[Violoncello](ad lib.) BWV 1030b".