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Concerto - BSN/PN

Composer: Amram, David

Publisher: C F Peters

Edition: 16705


for bassoon and piano
by David Werner Amram III (b. 1930) - American composer
I. Allegro moderato con moto
II. Andante
III. Rondino Scherzo

From the composer:
In early 1952, the jazz giant Charlie Parker came to my basement apartment in Washington DC to hear a trio I had formed with Kenneth Pasmanick playing bassoon. We performed baroque trio sonatas, my music, and transcriptions of Parker's music. Ken's pioneering efforts toward bringing the bassoon into the world of jazz so impressed Parker that he suggested I write a piece for Pasmanick. 
In 1970 I finally had the chance to compose a concerto for bassoon and orchestra that was premiered by Mr. Pasmanick and the National Symphony under the direction of Antal Dorati. Although every note is written out, I tried to incorporate the spirit of jazz improvisation. 
When the Manhattan Chamber Orchestra recorded the concerto in 1994, with Richard Aulden Clark conducting and Pasmanick again as soloist, I knew it was finally ready to publish for bassoonists around the world to have as part of their repertoire. 
Kenneth Pasmanick's lifetime friendship and encouragement made all this possible. His editing of the solo part was invaluable. 
The combination of the language of jazz and European classical techniques provide the rich palette of rhythms, sounds and textures on which the concerto is built. The piano reduction also makes it possible to perform as a duo. The orchestral material is available on hire from the publisher. 

Duration: 22:00