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Method for Oboe (Labate)-OB

Composer: Niemann, Theodor

Publisher: Carl Fischer

Edition: O1524


Method for Oboe
by Theodor Niemann
Revised and amplified by Bruno Labate (1883-1968)- Italian-born composer and oboist
Annotations by Giuseppe Verdi
One of the standard, well-known oboe methods. Includes removable fingering and trill charts. Table of contents includes:
1. The Rudiments of Music
2. The Oboe
3. Reeds and Their Preparation
4. The Position of the Body and Manner of Holding the Instrument
5. How to Blow and Produce Tones
6. The First Exercise
7. The Octave Key
8. Intervals
9. Legato Playing
10. Exercises and Melodies in Duet Form
11. Staccato Playing
12. Four Duets by Salviani
13. Melodies in Duet Form
14. The Trill of Shake
15. Scales and Exercises and Etudes in all Major and Minor Keys