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The Breathing Book - OB

Composer: Caplan, Stephen

Publisher: Mountain Peak Music

Edition: 64538


The Breathing Book

by Stephen Caplan

This book provides essential information about breathing and the means to apply this knowledge in musically meaningful ways. It contains 30 lessons, each with detailed illustrations, and musical examples. The Breathing Book will help to reliably produce the desired sound,  will help with moving free of tension an maximize resonance, and helps to improve articulation, endurance, and tone quality. 

"The Breathing Book is a "must-read" for oboists of all levels, from students to professional performers. Stephen Caplna has clearly defined and clarified the complexities of proper breathing and posture, with all the exercises having been carefully crafted and sequenced to achieve the optimal performance results"

--Carolyn Hove, Solo English Horn, Los Angeles Philharmonic