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Composer: Vogel, Roger

Publisher: Brixton Publications

Edition: 58956


for oboe and medium voice
by Roger C. Vogel (b. 1947) - American composer


Written in 196 for Dwight Manning, professor of music at the University of Georgia. Text by Laurence McKinney:


Hard to pronounce and play, the OBOE--
(With cultured folk it rhymes with "doughboy"
Though many an intellectual hoboe
Insists that we should call it oboe)
However, be that as it may,
Whene'er the oboe sounds its A
All of the other start their tuning
And there is fiddling and bassooning. 
Its plaintive note presaging gloom
Brings anguish to the concert room,
EVen the players holds his breath
And scares the audience to death
For fear he may get off the key,
Which happens not infrequently.
This makes the saying understood:
"It's an ill wood wind no one blows good."