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Fugue & Postlude-FL/BSN/PN

Composer: Small, Haskell

Publisher: Brixton Publications

Edition: B605


Fugue & Postlude
for flute, bassoon, and piano
by Haskell Small (b. 1948)- American composer


At the suggestions of Japanese bassoonist Shigeru Ohta, I have written a short piece to accompany my Fugue for flute, bassoon, and piano, written in 1987. I have called it a postlude, not only because it follows the fugue both in placement and time of composition, but also to make a philosophical statement. My idea is to contrast the old and the new by combining the fugue, and older more serious form of Baroque origins, with a thoroughly modern piece written int he free-wheeling, urban style of jazz. The postlude includes a reference to the fugues' subject, but it cannot sustain a properly serious attitude, quickly dissolving back into jazz. 

Duration: 8:00