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A Grand Concerto (score & parts) - 24BSN

Composer: Burn, Andrew

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 2021


A Grand Concerto
for twenty four bassoons
by Andrew Burn 
I. Prelude: Grave
II. Fuga: allegro
III. Hornpipe: Allegro
IV. Air: Allegro
V. Tempo di Gavotta
This edition comes with:
  • 1 Full Score, 1 Continuo
  • 5 each Bassoon 1
  • 4 each Bassoon 2
  • 2 each Bassoon 3
  • 3 each Bassoon 4
  • Contrabassoon/Bass uses Bassoon 4 Part
From the composer:
On December 11, 1744, a concert was given for the benefit of John Ernest Galliard at Lincoln's Inn Fields. Following a performance of Love and Folly, as well as four choruses written for the tragedy Julius Caesar, a "Concerto grosso, 24 bassoons, accompanied by Caporale on the violincello" was performed. The concerto is the only work of this instrumentation on record and was more likely produced in the spirit of creating a novel entertainment than for artistic reasons. Sadly, this work, as well as any other information about its performance, has been lost. 
In response to our predicament, I have taken it upon myself to compose a new concerto for 24 bassoons. Basing it upon a variety of music by both contemporary composers active in London, as well as the music of other's with whom Galliard was familiar with at the time of his benefit, this new concerto is stylistically plausible for the scenario of a performance in mid-18th century Britain. To be clear: my intention with this work is to present an entirely new creation, and not an attempt to reconstruct the original using Galliard's surviving work as a basis. The structure of the concert was modeled upon those found in Handel's Opus 6.