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Studies for Playing Contemporary Music for Oboe - OB

Composer: Holliger, Heinz

Publisher: Breitkopf und Haertel (Germany)

Edition: 58872


Studies for Playing Contemporary Music for Oboe
for oboe
Edited and compiled by Heinz Holliger (b. 1939) - Swiss oboist, composer, and conductor
This method book contains etudes, studies, and pieces that require new performance techniques. These include:
1. Wyttenbach, Juerg- ...und laeuft und laeuft...
2. Shinohara, Makoto- Reflexion
3. Berio, Luciano- Studies to Sequenza VII
4. Denissow, Edison- Solo
5. Lehmann, Hans Ulrich- Cadence
6. Donatoni, Franco- Etude
7. Wildberger, Jacques- Pour les neuf doigts
8. Gilbert, Amy- Repons
9. Engelmann, Hans Ulrich- Mobili
10. Holliger- Chordal Study (Multiphonics)
11. Globokar, Vinko-Breathing Study
12. Becker, Guenther- Hz
These 12 studies offer a survey of the most important technical and musical problems as well as of the new methods of notation, which confront the soloists, students, and orchestral musicians of today. Although each composition is based on very precise technical problems, no pieces are offered which exploit the currently popular instrumental "tricks". Rather, each composer proposed to treat technical problems together with compositional problems, and to show that he expansion of instrumental technique is a result not of soloistic exhibitionism, but of logical music thought. Almost without exception, these twelve studies make great technical demands on the performer. Thus, they were not arranged according to their degree of difficulty, but according to musical, formal, and technical points of view.