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Nao e um pato (Not a Duck) - OB/BSN

Composer: Bradshaw, John

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 71976


Não é um pato (Not a Duck)
for oboe and bassoon
by John Bradshaw - American composer


Não é um pato was inspired by Brazilian choro, an instrumental genre influenced by Baroque improvisation, jazz and African rhythms. The word choro comes from the Portuguese word for ‘to cry’, but ironically is typically upbeat and playful music. The title means ‘Not a duck’ in Portuguese — acknowledging the musical ties to both Brazil and its distinctness from the standard repertoire represented by Prokofiev’s well-known theme from Peter and the Wolf. 



John Bradshaw has studied mandolin and choro with Tim Connell and composition with Dr. Joseph Sowa and writes music for small ensembles and choir. John’s music has been performed by pianist Dr. Benjamin Wong, the choir Brevitas, and others. He lives and works in western Oregon.