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Composer: Adams, Byron

Publisher: BIM (Switzerland)

Edition: MCX58


Le Jardin Provencal (2006)
Suite francaise
for flute, oboe, cello, and harpsichord
by Byron Adams (b. 1955)- American composer, conductor, and musicologist
I. Overture (4:15)
II. Romance (5:10)
III. Farandole (2:50)
IV. Fetes galantes (6:15)

Le jardin provencal consists of four movements, none of which describe a particular garden in Provence. The first movement is a brisk Overture in sonata form followed by a Romance sans paroles- a "song without words". The third movements is a farandole, a Provencal dance used most famously by Georges Bizet, which is characterized by a skipping step and a regular pulse. Thus the Farandole avec musette is based on a Provencal folk-song with a contrasting musette that is the composer's own. Borrowing a title from a poem by Paul Verlaine, the final movement is titled Fetes galantes; this music evokes the moonlit landscapes that were perfected in the elegant canvases on Jean Antoine Watteau. 

Duration: 18:30