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Dialogue (1984) - SOLO BSN

Composer: Balissat, Jean

Publisher: BIM (Switzerland)

Edition: 58598


Dialogue (1984)
for unaccompanied bassoon
by Jean Balissat (1936-2007) - Swiss composer
From the composer:
Piotr would like to have a conversation
Ilyitch can't manage it; is response is like a monologue of his thoughts. 
By various means, Piotr tries to get around the indifference of Ilyitch; the never changing discourse,
the feigned casualness, the whimpering, the impatience, the anger...
At the climax, it parodies Ilyitch's words in the crudest possibly way. He is choking with rage.
Shaken, Ilyitch tries to calm Piotr.
For his part, Piotr doesn't want to hear about it...

Duration: 4:30