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Sonata #7 - BSN/PN (Basso Continuo)

Composer: Bertoli, Giovanni

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 9078 - 53633


Sonata #7
for bassoon and piano (basso continuo)
by Giovanni Antonio Bertoli (1605-1669) - Italian Baroque composer and violinist

In preparing this edition, several sources were studied, both print and audio, beginning with a copy of the original manuscript to shed light on the lack of any dynamics or articulation. This TMP edition has not been edited but remains "clean", allowing the performer to add tasteful and artistic articulations and dynamics at his or her discretion. 
In some cases, Bertoli was very free with meter and did not indicate meter changes within the structure of the sonata. Most of these have been retained. Where the bassoonist may question the length of a particular measure or rest, keyboard cues have been provided for clarification. 
A few obvious misprints have been corrected without comment, and editorial accents are shown above the music, which are based for the most part on the scholarly research done by Joseph Urbinato in his 1969 Boston University dissertation. 
This edition includes a bassoon part, a realized keyboard part, as well as an optional basso part, playable on any bass clef instrument such as cello, bassoon, or double bass.