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Three Reflections - ASAX/BSN/PN

Composer: Berr, Bruce

Publisher: Opus Music

Edition: 65063


Three Reflections
for alto saxophone, bassoon (or baritone saxophone) and piano
by Bruce Berr - American composer and pianist
1. Berceuse
2. Impromptu
3. Sonatina
Three Reflections takes the listener on a seven-minute journey across contrasting soundscapes. Scored for piano, alto saxophone, and bassoon, the three component movements are performed without a break. This helps highlight the diverse characters of each of the movements, while at the same time underlining the evolving melodic motif that unites the outer movements. Berceuse is a contemplative lullaby that features a soothing and repetitive chord progression beneath a series of simple motifs that are progressively varied and handed off between instruments, creating longer melodies in the process. Impromptu communicates the thrill of a group improvisation (notated) that is structured by slow-moving harmonies and extensive use of rubato. The end of the movement morphs into the next during a brief and whimsical bassoon cadenza. Sonatina is a sassy excursion that unabashedly plays with its melodies, harmonies, and rhythms. The main theme, which si a variation of the primary motif in Berceuse is also the generator for most of the movement's melodic and rhythmic materials. 
An alternate baritone sax part is provided in lieu of bassoon.
Duration: 7:00