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Portraits of the Odyssey (Score & Parts)-DBL WW5 (with EH/BCL/PICC/ALTO FL & Percussion-see more information)

Composer: Berk, Stacey J.

Publisher: Cocobolo Music Press (Stacey Berk)

Edition: 201


Portraits of the Odyssey
for double woodwind quintet
by Stacy J. Berk (b. 1970)- American composer
I. Cyclops
II. Circe's Cottage
III. Halls of Hades
IV. Sirens
V. Scylla & Charybdis
VI. Calypso
VII. Ithaca

This piece requires extensive doubling on auxiliary instruments, as well as the use of percussion by almost all ensemble players. The full instrumentation includes:

1. Flute 1/Piccolo/Alto Flute
2. Flute 2/Triangle
3. Oboe 1/Woodblock with soft mallets
4. Oboe 2/English Horn
5. Clarinet 1 (B-flat)/Bamboo Wood Chimes
6. Clarinet 2 (B-flat)/Bass Clarinet
7. Bassoon 1/Finger Cymbals
8. Bassoon 2/Egg shaker
9. Horn 1/Bell Tree
10. Horn 2/Suspended Cymbal with stick