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Daily Routine for Bassoon - BSN METHOD

Composer: Bellamy, Cayla

Publisher: Trevco

Edition: 71620


Daily Routine for Bassoon

by Cayla Bellamy

This daily routine divides the fundamentals of bassoon technique into four units:
- response and tone: the ability to produce a beautiful sound at the exact intended dynamic and moment in time
- fluidity: the ability to move predictably, seamlessly, and flexibly between notes
- intonation: the ability to anticipate and control the pitch center of any given note
- velocity: the ability to do so with speed
Each unit includes introductory information and descriptions of how to do each exercise, including spot- checks for ideal sensory observations - what it sounds like, what it feels like, what it looks like to execute each properly. The common thread throughout should be seeking resonance in your sound and body, and as such all exercises should be completed without vibrato, unless otherwise marked.