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Second Book of Practical Studies - BSN METHOD

Composer: McDowells, D.

Publisher: Belwin

Edition: 58102


Second Book of Practical Studies for Bassoon

by D. McDowells, edited by Nilo W. Hovey

This book is intended as a logical continuation of the First Book of Practical Studies. The range has been extended to three full octaves and two more key signatures have been added. Each Study is in a different key from the preceding one in order to further develop a sense of key-consciousness.  

The material herein is divided into two general classifications:

1. Section One contains Studies for rhythmic development. Continuing from sectino one of the first book, this section is designed to aid the student in developing the ability to sight-read in various keys. The author has used as much variety in tempi and rhythms as seemed musically possible. 

The following rhythms are introduced and explored in this section:

  • Common 16th note figures
  • dotted 8th and 16ths
  • Eighth note triplets
  • 3/8 rhythm
  • 6/8 rhythm
  • syncopation

Careful preparation of these etudes will result in greater rhythmic accuracy and improved ability to sight-read.

2. Section Two contains scale and technical exercises which are so indispensable in mastering any instrument. Some of these exercises should be included in the daily routine. The instructor should use tempi and articulations according to the needs of the student.

A well-balanced assignment should include some material from each section.