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First Book of Practical Studies for Bassoon - BSN METHOD

Composer: Unknown Type

Publisher: Alfred

Edition: 58101


First Book of Practical Studies for Bassoon

by D. McDowells, edited by Nilo W. Hovey

Exercises and studies in this book have been written for the specific purpose of supplementing any of the elementary methods available. The book is in no way intended to serve as a method or as a course of progressive instruction for the bassoon.

The material is divided into two general classifications:

1. Section One contains forty-eight studies for rhythmic development. This section is designed to aid the student in developing the ability to sight read in the most common keys. The author has used as much variety in tempi and rhythms as seemed musically practical. Each study is in a different key from the preceding one in an attempt to get the student into the habit of noticing the key signature at all times. The students who has a thorough understanding of the rhythms in this book will subsequently read more complex rhythms with greater ease. 

2. Section Two contains the scale, arpeggio, and interval exercises which are so indispensable in mastering any instrument. Some of these exercises should be included in the daily routine. The instructor should use tempi and articulations according to the needs of the student. 

A well-balanced assignment should include some material from each section. 

The Second Book of Practical Studies is available by clicking on the following link: http://www.trevcomusic.com/products/bel-1654-mcdowell-2nd-bk-of-practical-studies-bsn