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Composer: Baldwin, Daniel

Publisher: Imagine Music

Edition: 61875


for unaccompanied contrabassoon
by Daniel Baldwin (b. 1978)- American composer

Kui is a polysemous figure in ancient Chinese mythology named for the legendary musician "Kui” who invented music and dancing and for the one-legged mountain demon or rain-god variously said to resemble a Chinese dragon, a drum, or a monkey with a human face. Kui is also defined as an instrumental composition in Turkic culture around 4 minutes length. This type of composition is generally performed with different national plucked, bow and wind instruments.

I enjoy drawing inspiration from Asian mythology in my unaccompanied works and have employed the myth of the one legged dancing musician. I have combined with this imagery elements of jazz and rock and roll which I use freely throughout the work. It is a brief bravura solo work, but is says much in its brief three minutes.
-Daniel Baldwin
Duration: 3:00