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Flute Sonatas, Volume 1, BWV 1030, 1031, 1032 - FL/PN (OB/PN)

Composer: Bach, J.S.

Publisher: Chester

Edition: 6843


Flute Sonatas, Volume 2

for flute (or oboe) and piano
by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) - German Baroque composer

Edited and realized by William Bennett

  1. BWV 1033: C Major
  2. BWV 1034: e minor
  3. BWV 1035: E Major

The six Flute Sonatas of J.S. Bach fall into two groups of three. In Nos. 1-3 the composer provided a concertante keyboard part, where the right hand is as musically important as the flute and bass lines, apart from the occasional passage when he reverts to a figured bass. Nos. 4-6, however, adopt the four-movement pattern favored, for instance, by Telemann. This edition is has been edited and realised by William Bennett. The solo flute part is also included on a separate insert.