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50 Progressive Duets in Tenor Clef - 2BSN

Composer: Babcock, Ron

Publisher: Edition Musicus

Edition: 54177


50 Progressive Duets in Tenor Clef
for two bassoons (or trombones)
by Ron Babcock (b. 1957) - American trombonist

Learning to read a new clef can be a long, frustrating experience for both student and teacher. As a teacher of trombone I have long wished for the availability of more duets in tenor clef to play in lessons. Duets that range in difficulty from extremely simple to advanced provide material for the student to practice the clef as well as a means to build confidence in sight-reading. The first 25 exercises of this collection are one-page duets. The first four are written specifically to build confidence: there are no melodic skips, and they are in easy keys. Technical aspects such as key difficulty wider range, rhythmic variety, and challenging time signatures are gradually introduced through the first half of the book. Duets 26 through 50 are all two pages in length. These are also progressive in difficulty although they begin at a higher level. My goal in creating this book is to provide a vehicle for improving reading skills as well as s source of musical enjoyment I hope that you will find playing these duets both instructive and fun.
-Ron Babcock