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Anadolia - SOLO OB

Composer: Foster, Stephen

Publisher: B&D Publications

Edition: 57946


for solo treble instrument
by Stephen C. Foster (1826-1864) - American composer and songwriter


Anadolia was part of a collection entitled, "The Social Orchestra", compiled and authored by Stephen Collins Foster. It was published by the firm of Firth and Pond in 1854, and contains many original works by Foster as well as many adaptations of popular works arranged by him. Among the latter are his arrangements of Schubert's Standchen, waltzes by Beethoven, Lanner, Gungl, and others; and many songs and arias from operas by Weber and Donizetti. This collection, "suitable for serenades, evenings at home, etc." is divided into four sections. it beings with works for solo instruments, and progresses through duets, trios, and quartets, although the latter two are also well-suited for guitar or piano accompaniment. Andaolia comes from the first section of soli, and could have been played on flute or violin of the period. It is a wonderful tribute to America's favorite songwriter that he could compose an arabesque so reminiscent of Bellini, using the theme of "Old Folks at Home". 

Edited by David Dutton