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Sonata in C Major Op 20 #5-OB/PN

Composer: Schickhardt

Publisher: B&D Publications

Edition: BD02


Sonata in C Major Op 20 #5
for oboe and bassoon continuo
by Christian Schickhardt (1682-1762)0 German composer 
I. Allemanda Largo
II. Allemanda Allegro
III. Corrente Vivace
IV. Rondeau Largo
V. Allegro
Edited by David Dutton. This edition comes with a solo oboe part, basso part, as well as a realized keyboard part. 
The slightly unusual five movements form of the Sonata in C Major harks back to the French dance suite but with modernizations appropriate to the early 18th Century. The Final Allegro, for example, is partially notated in the overdotted style of the French overture, but is really a gigue, and should be performed with the rocking triplet motion of that dance throughout.