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Twenty-Two Woodwind Quintets, 2nd Edition (Andraud)(sc/parts) - WW5

Composer: Andraud, Albert

Publisher: Southern Music (USA)

Edition: 1100


Twenty-Two Woodwind Quintets
for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon
Compiled and Revised by Albert J. Andraud - American oboist- Cincinnati Symphony
Edited by Charles Neidich

Formerly known as the "Yellow Books", this newly engraved and edited collection of the classic 22 Woodwind Quintets features a first-ever full score (now included with the complete set) and parts for B-flat clarinet and F horn. Mistakes have been corrected, and the score is specially printed with premium lay-flat binding for the conductor's ease of use and an elegant presentation. Every title in this new edition has been revised by Charles Neidich. A supplemental clarinet in A/ 2nd clarinet part is available for free download HERE.

This edition includes: 

1. Beethoven- Quintet, Op 71 (originally Sextet)
2. Beethoven- Serenade Op 25: Minuet, Andante & Variations
3. Beethoven- Op 18 #5- Variations (originally a String Quartet)
4. Barraine- Ouvrage de Dane
5. Barthe- Passacaille
6. Colomer- Minuet
7. Colomer- Bouree
8. Chretien- Quintet
9. Deslandres- Quintet
10. Goepfart- Quartet for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, and Bassoon
11. Haydn- Quintet (Originally a Piano Trio- transcribed by Fritz Muth)
12. Haydn- Menuet
13. Haydn- Presto
14. Lefebvre- Suite Op 57
15. Moritz- Quintet Op 41
16. Mozart- Minuet K421
17. Mozart- German Dance
18. Normand- Quintet
19. Pfeiffer- Musette- Trio for Oboe, Clarinet & Bassoon
20. Pierne- Pastorale
21. Taffanel- Quintet
22. Scherrer- Old French Dances

 The Full Score as well as the books are available individually as well. Please click HERE