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Oboe Essentials - OB BOOK

Composer: Anderson, Valarie J.

Publisher: Jeanne Inc.

Edition: 62252


Oboe Essentials
for oboe
by Valarie J. Anderson - American oboist and publisher

Scales, thirds, and arpeggios are the foundation for the study of any instrument. They are the "ABC" of music without which the performer cannot expect to understand and master the technical demands in the music for their instrument. The great oboe teachers of the past, including Barret and Gillet, recognized this and included scale studies as part of their methods. Oboe Essentials, by Valarie Anderson, acknowledges these preceding studies and uses them as a model, selecting the most important parts as well as adding some new material. The pages in Oboe Essentials should be completely mastered and put to memory. Once learned, they should remain part of the daily warm-up. Oboe Essentials also includes four etudes from Reichert's Daily Studies, op. 5, that are a culmination and summary of the key studies.