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12 Fantasies, TWV 40:2-13 - SOLO OB (FL)

Composer: Telemann, Georg Philipp

Publisher: Amadeus (Switzerland)

Edition: 57731


Twelve Fantasies, TWV 40:2-13
for unaccompanied flute (or oboe)
by Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)- German Baroque composer
1. Fantasie in A Major TWV 40:2
2. Fantasie in a minor TWV 40:3
3. Fantasie in b minor TWV 40:4
4. Fantasie in Bb Major TWV 40:5
5. Fantasie in C Major TWV 40:6
6. Fantasie in d minor TWV 40:7
7. Fantasie in D Major TWV 40:8
8. Fantasie in e minor TWV 40:9
9. Fantasie in E Major TWV 40:10
10. Fantasie in f# minor TWV 40:11
11. Fantasie in G major TWV 40:12
12. Fantasie in g minor TWV 40:13
Edited by Peter Reidemeister. Another beautiful edition from Amadeus that includes facsimile reprints of all 12 of the original Telemann "Fantasia" that are believed to be in Telemann's own hand. These were written originally for flute but are used by virtually every instrument. This edition uses the original manuscript for the basis of the new engraved edition.