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Folk Cadenza #5 - SOLO EH

Composer: Alexiadis, Minas I.

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 6118 - 67026


Folk Cadenza #5
for unaccompanied English horn
by Minas I. Alexiadis (b. 1960) - Greek composer

The Folk Cadenza No. 5 belongs to a series of works for solo instruments, with a similar orientation: they are all inspired by the style and the tone-material of folk music, with a quite demanding musical setting. 
In this particular case, the melodic manipulations (melisms) are connected with the (modal) musical tone-material of the southeastern Mediterranean region and they are linked to one another within a loose arch form, while still preserving a narrative style based on a central key (in A) and two collateral tonal centers (in E and G, being the roots of the dominant and the natural 7th degree respectively). 
There is also a version of this composition for solo oboe. This version for English Horn was premiered by Kostas Tiliakos in 1998 and published in 2013 in its final form.