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Malambo, op. 115b (score & parts) - BSN/STG4/STG5

Composer: Aguila, Miguel del

Publisher: Miguel del Aguila

Edition: 63491


Malambo Op 115b
for bassoon and string quartet (two violins, viola, and cello)
or bassoon and string quintet (two violins, viola, cello and bass)
by Miguel del Aguila (b. 1957)- Uruguayan composer


All three versions of this work were composed simultaneously and should be considered original versions.  As the sound of bells trigger memories of a sad past event, the bassoon (here the main protagonist), sings alone a melody only accompanied by distant birds and insects.  After a second ringing of the bells the bassoonist decides to ignore the sad memories and join in a dance taking place near him. While the rhythmic character of this dance was inspired by the Malambo dance of the South American gauchos, its mood and color also reflect its Venezuelan/Colombian counterparts, the Joropo and Galerón Llanero and the Mexican Jarabe.  My music here represents only the abstraction of these dances in my memory and rendered in my own musical language and rhythm which in this case consists of alternating 12/16-7/16 meter.  In the midst of the dance the bells ring again and the bassoonist, now overwhelmed by memories, becomes immersed in his own thoughts.  Away from the rest he sings an expressive song which grows in intensity until the dissonant bells (in his head) finally trigger an emotional climax that dissolves in darkness. Suddenly, as if waking up from a dream, the dance resumes.  This time, without interruptions, it gains momentum building up to a joyous, life affirming ending. Malambo was Jointly Commissioned bassoonists: Benjamin Coelho, Judith Farmer, Wendy Holdaway, Mathieu Lussier, Richard Meek, Scott Pool, Carl Rath, Barrick Stees, Sabrina Stovall, Aura Marina Trevino and Lia Uribe. 

--Miguel del Aguila

This work is also available as a piano reduction, here
and for bassoon and string orchestra, here.
Duration: 13:00