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A Duck Story (Score & Parts)-4BSN

Composer: Grethen, Luc

Publisher: Accolade (Germany)

Edition: 1322


A Duck Story
for bassoon quartet
by Luc Grethen (b. 1964)- Luxembourgish composer and pedagogue

"In the beginning was the egg", that is how this story for four bassoons starts. Sounds at the beginning symbolize the perfect shape of the egg and the mood is further enhanced by modal harmonies. However, there is a change of mood then, for the duckling hatches and exclaims, "Hello! Here I am!"Now follows the first steps which are a bit clumsy, but the duckling trains diligently and makes great progress. The tempo increases and the duckling grows more and more sel-fassured and cocky until it finally falls. After a short breather, the duckling starts its first flight: quicky and elegantly an allegro leads it further and further away until it disappears in the distance. 
Duration: 10:00