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Circadia - BSN/PN

Composer: Albert, Adrienne

Publisher: Adrienne Albert Edition (composer)

Edition: 56789


for bassoon and piano
by Adrienne Albert (b. 1941)
I. Cycles
II. Nightfall
III. Spring Ahead

Commissioned by Carolyn Beck, "Circadia", a sonata for bassoon and piano in three movements, refers to the daily pulse, rhythms and cycle of activities observed in many living organisms. The first movement, "Cycles", is a wild and disjointed chase between the instruments. The cyclic rhythms vary between a triplet motif with the bassoon both chasing and being chased by the piano, and a more jazzy section with the two instruments figuratively and literally playing with one another. The movement ends with the instruments playing the original motif ensemble.

Since the horrible events of 9/11, our world seem to be moving with harrowing speed toward the precipice of Armageddon. The second movement, "Nightfall", is a reflective, melancholy and brooding piece which mirrors the descent from day into night. Finally "Spring Ahead" (which refers to the change to daylight savings time in the spring) is a ray of hope in which bassoon and piano have fun cavorting and playing tricks on one another.

Duration: 13:00

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