We are at the Glickman-Popkin Bassoon Camp until 6/7. All orders will be filled after that date.


NEWS 11/15/2023 November 15 2023

As I look through these blog posts, I realize we're not very good about posting regularly.  That doesn't mean there's not anything going on at Trevco Music and TrevCo Music Publishing - just that we're too busy to post about it.  For example, today we filled our regular orders, checked in a big shipment from Imagine Music, filled some backordesr, placed new orders, printed two new publications, and edited a new arrangement.  And practiced.  And answered emails, and more.  We love what we do and appreciate all your support and business.  We'll post when we can!

NEW AND RECENT PUBLICATIONS - 1/8/2022 January 08 2022

Happy New Year!  Here's a list of new and recent publications from TrevCo Music Publishing and T.D. Ellis Music Publishing.  All available from Trevco Music.



Delibes, Leo: Flower Duet from "Lakme" for 2 bassoons & piano  TrevCo  71002 $18.00

Corrette, Michel: Sonata for 2 bassoons (performance scores)  TrevCo  71001 $16.00

Traditional, : Londonderry Air (Danny Boy) for 3 bassoons (Campbell)  TrevCo 70979  $12.00

Krommer, Franz: Partita in Eb, op. 71 for 8 bassoons & contra (score & parts)(Campbell)  TrevCo  70764 $38.00

Steinmetz, John: What Can I Do? for solo bassoon (with spoken parts)  TrevCo  70976 $16.00

Hare, Ryan M.: Tales for Three, for clarinet, horn & bassoon  TrevCo 70936  $22.00

Bach, J.S., : Fugue & Siciliana for 2 oboes & EH from Sonata I, BWV 1001 (Watson)(sc/parts)  TrevCo  70934 $18.00

Traditional, : Two Irish Pieces for bassoon quartet (Campbell)  TrevCo  70929 $16.00

Campbell, Jefferson: Bassoonicorn for bassoon quartet  TrevCo  70919 $16.00

Douglas, Bill: Sonata #3 for oboe & piano  TrevCo  70862 $24.00

Ferenz, Amber: Two Pieces for solo bassoon (Song for the Water Spirits; Yellow Poplar with Birdsong  T.D. Ellis  70910 $18.00

Ferenz, Amber: These Four Directions for flute, oboe, clarinet & bassoon  T.D. Ellis  70896 $22.00

Ferenz, Amber: Wood, Water & Roses for solo bassoon  T.D. Ellis  70893 $20.00

Ferenz, Amber: Tall Tales for bassoon quartet  T.D. Ellis  70811 $18.00

Ferenz, Amber: Unfinished Conversations for bassoon & piano  T.D. Ellis  70590 $18.95

Mayer, Emilie: Sonata in a, op. 18 for bassoon & piano (Frederickson)  T.D. Ellis  70580 $24.95

Bach, J.S., : Six Suites (BWV 1007-1012) for solo oboe (Van Cleve)   T.D. Ellis  70351 $19.95

NEWS - April/May 2021 May 04 2021

We are excited to announce that as of May 1st, we have put Trevco Music back together again, with the purchase of TrevCo Music Publishing!  Once upon a time, Trevor Cramer started TrevCo Music and built it into a terrific double reed resource.  10 years ago, he sold off the distribution side of the business to focus on publishing, and is now retiring.  He will stay on at TrevCo Music Publishing as senior editor to make sure we maintain his high standards.

New and recent titles - December 2020 December 30 2020

So many new titles!  Here's a list of recent additions to our catalog:

Boëllmann, Léon: Piéce for bassoon & piano TrevCo $16.00


Collection: Classical Flex Quartets for Woodwinds (performance scores)(Balent) Kendor $16.95

Collection: Flex Trios - Beyond the Methods for Woodwinds (bass clef)(Varga) Kendor $10.50

Collection: Flex Trios - Beyond the Methods for Woodwinds (C instruments)(Varga) Kendor $10.50

Cramer, Trevor: Four Eclectics for EH & piano TrevCo $16.00

Dumount, Charles: Non, je ne regrette rien for 5 basoons & contra TrevCo $14.00

Dumount, Charles: Non, je ne regrette rien for wind quintet TrevCo $14.00

Griffes, Charles Tomlinson: Two Sketches based on Native American Themes for ww5 (Ferlazzzo)(sc/parts) TrevCo $28

Harris, Truman: Harmonie Suite for 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 horns & 2 bassoons (sc/parts) TrevCo $48

Harris, Truman: Quartet in the Woods for flute, oboe, clarinet and horn TrevCo $22

Herbert, Victor: Italian Street Song for flute, oboe, clarinet & bassoon (Holcomb) Musicians $12

Holcombe, Bill: 3/4 Blues for wind quintet Musicians $15.00

Isaacson, Michael: Yiddish Song Suite for EH & piano TrevCo $12.00

Jackson, Nadina Mackie: Solitary Refinement: Chromatics, Chords & Scales - Concepts for the Committed Bassoonist   FriesenPress  $43.99

Kubil, Viktor: Russian Swing for oboe, piano and optional double bass TrevCo $10.00

Lussier, Matthew: Artemis, op. 56 for EH & bassoon TrevCo $18

Lussier, Matthew: Deux Duos, op. 54, #1&2 for bassoon & cello TrevCo $22

Montano, Damian: Disappearing Moon for oboe, bassoon and piano TrevCo $36

Piazzolla, Astor: Four Estaciones Porteñas for 4 bassoons TrevCo $38

Racz, Timoteus: Trio Magnafique, op. 4, #6 for oboe, bassoon and piano TrevCo $28

Steinmetz, John: Laments and Invocation for solo bassoon TrevCo $28.00

Triebensee, Joseph: Variations on a Theme by Haydn for 2 oboes & EH (Cramer) TrevCo $18

Triebensee, Joseph: Variations on a Theme by Haydn for 3 bassoons (Cramer) TrevCo $18

Viardot, Pauline: Puisqu’aujurd’hui me voila Prince for 3 bassoons & contrabassoon TrevCo $18.00

Vivaldi, Antonio: Concerto in a minor F8 #2 RV498 for 4 bassoons (Koch)(sc/parts) TrevCo $16

Wanhal, Johann Baptist: Concerto in F for bassoon & orchestra (score & parts) TrevCo $168.00

Wanhal, Johann Baptist: Concerto in F for bassoon & piano TrevCo $24.00

Wilder, Alec: Four Duets for oboe & EH, performance scores TrevCo $8.00

What's new - 10/25/2020 October 25 2020

Now available from TrevcoMusic.com - Wendt & Kuhn Angels!

New titles - October 16, 2020 October 17 2020

We've recently added all the publications from Akropolis Publishing. These are a terrific collection of 23 pieces for Reed Quintet: oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone, bass clarinet & bassoon.

We're also adding lots of publications from Last Resort Music.  These are the ultimate gig books, with interchangeable parts for winds or strings.  Check them out!

Commission Consortium for composer Patrick Harlin October 05 2017

TrevCo-Varner Music
invites you to participate in the Commissioning Consortium
         Sonata for bassoon and piano
by Patrick Harlin 
Patrick Harlin

The New York Times writes that Patrick Harlin's “aesthetics capture a sense of tradition and innovation…” and that “Mr Harlin is breaking new ground.”

Patrick Harlin completed his doctorate at the University of Michigan in 2016.   His work spans both music composition and the field of soundscape ecology, research that has taken him to remote regions of the United States and Amazon Rainforest. Patrick collects field recordings on location for inclusion into music including his dissertation.

Awards include a 2013 Charles Ives Scholarship from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and the Presser Awardfrom the Theodore Presser Foundation. Patrick is the first recipient of the Aspen/Hermitage residency, and the final awardee of the Rappaport Prize in Composition.  

His music has been performed by the St. Louis Symphony, Calgary Philharmonic, Alarm Will Sound, Rochester Philharmonic, Kansas City Symphony, Calidore String Quartet, Cabrillo Festival Orchestra, and many more.  

A recent Calgary Herald review notes "Rapture demonstrated both imagination and skill, qualities that are self-recommending. One can only hope for more performances and a bright future for the talented young composer."  

Upon completion:

  • Your name will be listed in the printed edition as a member of the consortium
  • You will receive one complimentary copy
  • You will have an exclusive one-year performance right, along with the other commissioners, before the Sonata is made available to the general public for purchase

Co-Commissioner $50.00
Commission Underwrite $100.00

All interested parties, please contact Eric Varner at TrevCo-Varner Music: