Ehestandsgeplauder Op 54-OB/BSN/ORCH

Composer: Friedemann, Carl

Publisher: Thomi Berg (Germany)

Edition: 909


Ehestandsgeplauder Op 54
a musical dialogue for oboe, bassoon, and orchestra
by Carl Friedemann (1862-1952)- Swiss/German composer, conductor, and bandmaster

A novelty/character piece from the early 20th Century. The title translates as "Marriage Conversation" or, more accurately, "Marriage Chatter". This edition includes:

  • One solo oboe part
  • One solo bassoon part
  • One solo score (with the two solo parts printed)
  • One set of string parts (1-1-1-1-1)
  • One set of wind parts (1-1-2-1) (2-4-3-0)
  • One set of percussion parts (bells and drums)

This edition does not include a full score. To order the piano reduction of this work, please click here