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Andy Warhol Sez-BSN/PN

Composer: Moravec, Paul

Publisher: Subito Music (USA)

Edition: 91770410


Andy Warhol Sez
for bassoon and piano
by Paul Moravec (b. 1957)- American composer
I. I am a deeply superficial person
II. I broke something today, and I realized I should break something once a week...to remind me how fragile life is
III. I never fall apart because I never fall together
IV. Heaven and Hell are just one breath away
V. The interviewer should just tell me the words he wants me to say and I'll repeat them after him. I think that would be so great because I'm so empty I just can't think of anything to say
VI. I think everybody should be a machine. I think everybody should like everybody
VI. They say that time changes things, but actually you have to change them yourself