Fugue for 4 Winds (Score & Parts)-OB/2EH/BSN or FL/EH/CL/BSN

Composer: Friedman, Gary

Publisher: Gary Friedman (composer)

Edition: 2


This quartet has several possible instrumental permutations (all parts provided with set). Part 1 Oboe or Flute; Part 2 Clarinet or EH; Part 3 Clarinet or EH; Part 4 Bassoon. Therefore, it COULD be a quartet for DR of OB/EH/EH/BSN or the standard WW4 (with EH, not oboe).

This engaging fugue is fun to play and nice to listen to. It won Second Prize in the Composers Today Competition, Adult Division, Music Teachers Association of California, 1999. Groups that have performed it include a double-reed quartet (oboe, two English horns, bassoon), woodwind quartet (flute, English horn, clarinet, bassoon-as in the accompanying audio), saxophone quartet (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone), and clarinet quartet (three B flats, bass).
Duration: 4 minutes     

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