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Floating, Falling, Flying - VLN/OB/PN

Composer: Chung, Brian

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 71038


Floating, Falling, Flying - The Mercurial Adventure of Two Balloons
for violin, oboe, and piano
by Brian Chung - American  composer

Have you ever wondered what happens to balloons when they fly away?  “Floating, Falling, Flying” depicts the odyssey of two balloons who find themselves suddenly and blissfully untethered.  It presents a musical narrative of their unpredictable journey through the skies, back to earth, and, eventually, into the stratosphere.

The piece is composed of three contiguous movements involving three characters – the balloons (portrayed by the oboe and violin) and the wind (represented by the piano).  In the opening movement (Floating), the balloons escape their moorings and ascend into free space, floating playfully among the clouds with the help of a gentle wind.

But, as in life, journeys are not always peaceful.  The second movement (Falling) opens with a hint that something is not quite right.  Undaunted, the balloons continue their carefree ascent amid the ominous signs of an approaching storm.  Inevitably, the wind asserts its authority, pummeling the balloons back to earth.  Lying helplessly on the ground, they assess each other’s condition and make feeble attempts to relaunch.  But, without wind, their situation seems hopeless. 

In the final movement (Flying), hope is restored as a quiet breeze lifts the intrepid pair back into the air.  Buoyed by their triumph over adversity, they resume their skyward adventure with renewed vigor and joy – dancing through the clouds and, ultimately, out of sight.

About the Composer:

Brian Chung is a former Senior Vice President of Kawai America Corporation. He is also the author or co-author of four books published by Alfred Music. Having served for twenty years as chair of the MTNA Foundation Fund Development Committee, he was privileged to serve this year as chair of the 2022 MTNA Conference Planning Committee.  Mr. Chung is honored and deeply grateful to participate in MTNA’s Collaborative Music Commissioning Project.